SpaHotel Kunnonpaikka

Wintery event with super comfort hotel, spa and get a dip to frozen lake from a smoken sauna. You really shouldn't miss that. 

Link to venue website:


More details of special prized rooms are coming soon!

Get in Hygge like a snowmonster

Get cozzy, relax after lessons. We are having a smoken sauna and a dip to frozen lake between competitions. That's a great deal with hotel/hostel rooms. Spa, sauna, smoken sauna, gym are also including to the rooms. 

Sleep like a snow-angel

SpaHotel Kunnonpaikka:

Sleep well in our hotel, which has a variety of rooms to suit all tastes. Whether you appreciate a beautiful lake scenery or you need space for the whole family, you will find a suitable room at Kunnonpaikka.

Our reception is open 24 hours a day and we accept payments between between 6 amp and 10 pm.

Parking at our car park is free. Parking with parking time is 8h and guests can sign up for the parking service in the hotel reception for the whole stay.